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My Name is Thomas Otterbein

Bio:  born 1955, living in Hessen, Germany

Photography:  since my schooldays photography is my favorite hobby

Further hobbies:  Amateur Radiovintage fountain pens

Photography skils:  still a really hobbyist, experienced but do not claim to have a professional level

Photography specialization:  nothing, I enjoy every part of photography

First gear:  my father´s ZEISS IKON NETTAR.
It was 1965 a real challenge for a kid to gamble around with shutter speed, aperture, guessing the object distance and film speed. But it helps tremendous to learn the combination of all this settings.
I was the "king" with this camera during school trips :-)
From this days I still know the f16-sunny-rule  ........you know it?

Postprocessing:  Phase One´s "Capture One" as RAW developer and Adobe´s Photoshop CC

I really welcome photo critiques, recommendations, etc. to help me improving my technique, viewing and web presentation.
I kindly ask you to provide any comments or send me an eMail

Thank you for choosing!


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